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About Sports Blogs And Affiliated Sites
What is Sports Blogs?

Like to follow your favorite sport or team? Tired of the usual coverage the media gives your sport/team? Then Sports Blogs is for you. Sports Blogs allows you to keep up to date on your favorite teams/sports from the local fan's perspective.

Most of the content summarized here is actually written by average Joe who is so passionate about the team/sport that they write about it in their free time. This kind of writing produces unbiased/avid coverage of that sport/team.

On an hourly basis, this site goes out and crawls many blogs for new entries to aggregate here. Organizing blogs (and their entries) by sport and team will allow you to easily keep track of your favorite sport or team.

The key feature of this site is the aggregation of the RSS feeds from local fan's blogs. This is what gives this site the ability to build the Recent Entries and Todays Entries pages. So, if you have a blog, but don't have a RSS feed for it yet, find out how you can get one.

What can Sports Blogs do for me?

If you currently write about sports in a blog, Sports Blogs can help drive traffic your way. Simply suggest your blog using our easy-to-use form and one of our staff members will review and approve your suggestion within three business days.

As mentioned above, Sports Blogs can also allow you to follow your favorite sports/teams from the fans perspective. You can view your favorite sports/teams a number of ways:

If you are an advanced user and like to read your blogs through an RSS Reader, we've got you covered as well. We have RSS feeds for all sports, by sports and by individual team. Check them out on our rss feeds page.

Linking To Sports Blogs

Because this site is still growing, if you are listed on this site and you could place a link back to here on your blog, that would be great! We need all the publicity we can get.

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